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The  2019 Annual Conference theme is, "Social Isolation: Challenges for Aging Professionals and Families." This year we will be posting articles and resources relevant to the theme. If you are interested in submitting resources please email us through the Contact Form. We will post the articles on the MGA Facebook page as well.

Healthy Living: An epidemic of social isolation and loneliness

Dementia and Sleep

How Aging Can Affect Sleep

Sleep Help and Tips for Seniors

New Zealand’s DIY coffin clubs take the sting out of aging and death for many

Seniors: Combatting loneliness in older adults

‘Unbefriended’ seniors often lack basic daily needs and suffer isolation

We are leaving older adults out of the digital world


Loneliness a Common Health Threat for Older Adults

What’s Causing the Rise of Hoarding Disorder?

Understanding Loneliness In Older Adults — And Tailoring A Solution

Tech education program iConnect helps older adults broaden their world: Living On


There’s a serious problem plaguing some older people: Loneliness


Avoid Isolation For Better Health In Older Adults


Hoarding, a big problem among the elderly, starts in childhood, expert says


Social Isolation Among Older Adults: What Role Can Technology Play?


Poll shows many older adults, especially those with health issues, feel isolated


Exploring the Senior Co-Housing Trend

The Loneliest Generation: Americans, More Than Ever, Are Aging Alone

LTC interventions help improve quality of life

Julie Genthe: Addressing social isolation

Can Skype Help Seniors Beat the Blues?

20 Facts about Senior Isolation That Will Stun You

"Silent dance party" for senior citizens in Norfolk aims to help hearing and end social isolation

New Group Aims To Address Isolation Among LGBTQ Older Adults

5 Tips to Combat Senior Social Isolation

Caregivers Corner: Hoarding, cluttering may be sign of grief and depression

The impact of hoarding on older adults

Social isolation is a national epidemic and should be treated as such | Opinion

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