MGA Board of Directors

MGA's Board of Directors represents an even broader spectrum of affiliation as the field of aging has expanded and evolved over the past 25 years. By maintaining an active and engaged Board of Directors, the MGA has also increased its programming which includes its annual spring conference, networking breakfasts, and its annual fall dementia conference provided in partnership with the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Maryland and the University of Maryland Baltimore's Geriatrics and Gerontology Education and Research Program.


The Board of Directors welcomes new members to the MGA and actively seeks participation in the program committees which produce its three primary educational venues.

Meet the MGA Board

MGA President

Ted Gross

Board Member

Willistine D. Page, LNHA, MA

Board Member,

Former Board President

Virginia Thomas,MSW, ACSW,

Board Member

Victoria Hathaway,CSA, CSHP, SRES

MGA Vice President of Administration and Membership

Patricia Farmer

MGA Treasurer

Elizabeth Brisco

Board Member

Lauren Averella,MSW

Board Member

Ann Marie Riehl

MGA Secretary

Shawn Brennan

Board Member

Mandy Arnold,JD, MBA, MHA,

Board Member

Tasha Cornish,