2020 MGA Annual Conference

April 30, 2020

Beyond Medicare:  Maximizing Community Resources to Assist Older Adults

Living in the Community (Planning Title)

Medicare logo 2.jpg

The 2020 MGA Annual Conference will focus on improving an understanding of Medicare benefits, and how to address gaps in Medicare coverage such as vision, hearing, and dental care for older adults living in the community. 


MGA would like to obtain your ideas for potential topics for sessions, potential speakers, and abstracts for a Research Poster Session.  

The general topic of Medicare may include a number of more specific topics, including Medicare 101, Advantage Plans, assistance for hearing impairment, oral health programs, vision screening, care coordination, assistive technology, occupational and physical therapy, etc.

Please click on the link below to download the Call for Sessions and Speakers or the Call for Research Abstracts.  You can also email your suggestions to Ted Gross, MGA President, at mdgero@gmail.com.